We have an opportunity to play again at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre.
If you would like to see polo return to this centre, support this four week trial which is being run to gauge the interest and practicality of returning to this fine venue.

Saturday: October 6, 20, 27 and November 3 (Not October 13 because this is the Tintinara weekend)
Warm up paddle 4pm – 4:30pm
Games 4:30 – 7:00pm
A training session for beginners and juniors will use half the pool from 4pm to 4:30pm.

During this time experienced players can set up equipment, organise teams and practice in
the other half of the pool until games start promptly at 4:30.

Pool entry plus game fee
Adults $8.40 pool admission plus $11 game fee each week.
Child/Concession $6.70 pool admission plus $5 game fee each week.
(If you have a pool pass, then you only pay game fees.)
Game fees can be paid on the night to Liz Melville, or in advance
BSB: 805 005
Account No: 100143247
Reference WS ‘Initial’ ‘Surname’ (e.g. WS J Bloggs).
Please email a copy of your Internet banking receipt to canoe.polo.sa@gmail.com or bring a copy to the game.

Bring new players
We will have sessions for new players starting at 3:45.
They will have a 15 minute off-water session and a 30 minute on-water session before games start. Depending on skill acquisition they may play in games after the training session.
Cost – non-members $35 for 4 week introductory membership to Paddle Australia
Paddle SA members $20 for four weeks

Important note: Future seasons at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

  • The Adelaide Aquatic Centre has requested photographic record of the pool condition
    before and after the trial. Any damage will preclude polo from future use of the pool.
  •  The trial is subsidised by Paddle SA. The viability of future seasons, if any, will depend
    on price negotiations and the willingness of players to pay the required fees.