Paddle Challenge 2019 16 – 17 November

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The Paddle SA Team Paddle Challenge is a fun paddle sports event and presents participants with challenges and opportunities.

Paddle SA has run this event since 2003, giving young South Australians the chance to have fun, make new friends, learn about the environment, and go on an adventure.

Team Paddle Challenge is all about working as a team. Your team will be scrutineered for the items you must carry – loss of points occurs if you do not have the required items. Team members should double check they have all equipment before leaving the checkpoints and then collect the points by all team members going to the checkpoint and marking the scorecards. Sticking as a team, you choose how far to paddle each day.

The Paddle SA Team Paddle Challenge caters for all abilities.


Download the PDF documents for more information

Document 1: Information manual

Document 2: Entry form pack