Guide For Registration of ACAS Awards

This guide provides information for applicants to be assessed or to register an Australian Canoeing Award Scheme (ACAS) qualification. This information is generic for all awards. For specific information please contact the Canoe SA office (

Documents to be presented to the Assessor 7 – 10 days prior to assessment (of a leadership award)

  • Log book – containing details of paddling sessions within the last 2 years that meet the requirements for the award you are being assessed for. The log should show details of the following: Date, Starting and Finishing point, duration/distance, type of craft, others who accompanied, role or purpose, conditions and any other notes
  • Assessment Project – documents should include a Risk Management Plan, Emergency Response Plan, Chain of Command,  a Lesson Plan, Safety Briefing notes and any other documentation required for the planning or conducting the activity/lesson)

Prior to Assessment

Where you are being assessed for a leadership award (FW Lifeguard, FW Guide or FW Instructor, & etc)

  • Ensure group being used for assessment have completed all necessary documentation (Medical and Emergency Contact Information forms)
  • Equipment for group is arranged, checked to be fit for purpose and safe for use
  • Site is checked for hazards (where group assessment is done over a journey or expedition also identify hazards found on the planned route.) This may require a reconnoitre being undertaken.

On the day of Assessment

  • Present your craft and yourself ready for assessment including all necessary equipment at the level of award you are being assessed for.
  • Site is checked for hazards
  • Where being assessed for a leadership award and a group is arranged, check all medical information and emergency contact information is completed and available
  • Float plan is completed and left with a responsible adult

Registering an Award

Where applying to register or re-register an Australian Canoeing Award Scheme (ACAS) Award in South Australia – all documents (only send electronic copies) are to be sent to:

Documents to be included when registering an award:

  • Assessment Record – completed and signed by an ACAS qualified Assessor with the Application for Registration signed by the applicant (attached) Copies of Assessment Record are available below
  • Assessment Project – completed and initialed by an Assessor. Contact Canoe SA if you require an Assessment Project for an ACAS award
  • Log Book – completed and initialed by an Assessor. To see the requirements for a log book CLICK HERE. For a copy of Canoe SA log book for Flatwater Instructor CLICK HERE
  • First Aid Certificate – copy of a current Senior First Aid Certificate (please note: for Leadership Awards such as Lifeguard, Guide & Instructor the award is only valid while your First Aid is valid)
Attendees at Canoe SA Flatwater induction courses (Flatwater Lifeguard, Flatwater Guide & Flatwater Instructor) will receive a disc which has the Assessment Record form on it.
Click here for Flatwater Instructor Assessment Record
Click here for Flatwater Guide Assessment Record
Click here for Flatwater Lifeguard Assessment Record
Click here to go to Flatwater Skills course information
Click here to go to Flatwater Lifeguard course information

Documents to be included when re-registering an award:

Please note: ACAS awards are valid for 3 years from date of registration. It is the award holders responsibility to ensure their registration is maintained valid.

  • Re-registration Form – CLICK HERE for the form
  • Logbook – a verifiable copy of paddling and related activities (such as PD for instructors/guides) that meets the requirements of the award to be re-registered. The log book must provide the following information for each activity (date, start & finish location, type of craft, conditions, names of other paddlers, general comment) CLICK HERE for more information on logbook requirements.  CLICK HERE for table of points for re-registration.CLICK HERE for log book template
  • First Aid Certificate – a copy of a current Senior First Aid Certificate.

Assessment of Awards

The Canoe SA Education & Safety Technical Committee have in place a process for independent assessors to conduct practical assessments for ACAS awards.

Ready for assessment? Contact Canoe SA ( with your contact details. Your name will go to the assessment panel to have an independent assessor make contact to arrange a time for assessment.

You will be required to provide to the assessor the documents for assessment at least 7 – 10 days prior to the assessment date. (not 6 weeks after as outlined on the assessment project).