What is Canoe Polo?

Canoe Polo, called kayak polo in some countries, is a ball sport on water, in a “field”, for two teams of 5 players (plus 1,2 or 3 subs) for two 10 minute halves,  Teams play  to get the ball into their own  goal raised about 2 metres above the water.

Each player paddles a ‘polo bat’ –3 metres long, specially designed, low volume, with protective bumpers at front and back.  Players wear a protective buoyancy vest, a helmet with a faceguard and a fitted ‘skirt’/deck for keeping water out of the boat.

Teams playing recreationally in Australia are gender mixed or gender specific depending on levels and reasons for ‘comps’. Beginner grades are now using a mix of small boats and sit-on-tops for encouraging young players. The canoe polo community is both family and elite level sport oriented and is run by volunteers.

Players in possession of the ball can be ‘tackled’ by kayaks, ‘hand tackled’ on the shoulder and capsized (after beginner levels). Teams pass the ball by throwing or flicking with paddles and use paddles are to intercept passes and block shots at goal.

The sport has World Championships every 2 years, internationally organized by the Canoe Polo committee of the International Canoe Federation.

We are keen to promote development of canoe polo in SA regional districts.

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Would you like to try canoe polo or train regularly?

Then the Canoe Polo Development Squad is the thing for you. First time or experienced paddlers welcome.

Each Sunday morning 9 – 11 am includes 2 hours coaching and games
There is a trial 3-month introductory membership to Paddle SA of $35.00 (for people under 18) and $50.00 for Adults which includes insurance.

After the 3-month introductory membership, participants can join a club for an additional fee of approx $35 (children) for the year.

Contact Canoe Polo SA

Canoe Polo Schools Program

Canoe polo

Paddle SA conducts short introductory programs for secondary school students which include

  • Physical Skills
  • balance and body co-ordination
  • hand-eye co-ordination
  • boat control
  • paddle control
  • ball skills
  • Rules – International Canoe Federation rules and local variations for novices
  • Game Strategy
What does it involve?

A school with students and teacher who are keen to learn about this fast and exciting sport.
A suitable venue close to your school (swimming pool or venue such as West Lakes or
Paddle SA Provides coaches and equipment for up to 20 students
4 sessions (approx 1 – 2 hours duration each).
Cost: Each student must join Paddle SA as a student member (valid for 3 months).Would you like to try Canoe Polo and train regularly?

What does a student or school do to join in?

Schools who have students who are interested to participate can arrange an information session by contacting Paddle SA on 8240 3294.
Individual students can become part of the talent identification & coaching by contacting Paddle SA – 8240 3294.
Where possible each school will need a teacher or parent who will act as a contact or coordinator to ensure interested students get information.

Club and State Canoe Polo Contacts

Paddle SA Polo Technical Committee
Anthea Courtney – Secretary
Phone: 0417 868 066
Email: rayandanthea@gmail.com

Adelaide Canoe Club
Frances Goble
Phone: 8449 6602
Email: oxfordantiques@internode.on.net

Northern Districts Canoe Club
Wayne Ferguson
Phone: 0414 389 895
Email: fergun@telstra.com

Canoe Polo SA Facebook

Paddle SA Facebook

Paddling Australia upcoming Polo events

There are no events that match your search

Some events outside your search parameters may be what you are after:


Green Head Paddling Weekend

Ocean View Drive, Green Head
29 May - 1 June, 2020
2:00pm- 10:00am
Discipline(s): Other
Type of Event: Recreation
Level of Event: Club

Penneshaw (KI) Explorer

Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island
29 - 31 May, 2020
3:00pm- 5:00pm
Discipline(s): Social Peer Paddles
Type of Event: Recreation
Level of Event: Club

BRC 50/20

Barron River Challenge
30 - 31 May, 2020
9:00am- 4:00pm
Discipline(s): Marathon
Type of Event: Competition
Level of Event: Club

Mooloolaba Ocean Paddle - Grade 2 - QSKC

Beach opposite Mooloolaba Fish Market.
30 May, 2020
9:00am- 1:00pm
Discipline(s): Other
Type of Event: Recreation
Level of Event: Club

Play Boat / Surf Kayaking

30 May, 2020
8:30am- 10:00am
Discipline(s): Other
Type of Event: Recreation
Level of Event: Club

June Long Weekend at Chowilla

Chowilla near Renmark
6 - 8 June, 2020
9:00am- 12:00am
Discipline(s): Social Peer Paddles
Type of Event: Recreation
Level of Event: Club

Woorim to Moreton (Intermediate Navigation Trip) - QSKC

7 June, 2020
6:30am- 3:00pm
Discipline(s): Other
Type of Event: Recreation
Level of Event: Club

Flatwater Leadership for Kayak & Canoe

13 - 14 June, 2020
Discipline(s): Education
Type of Event: Education
Level of Event: PAQS Training Provider

VIC Yarra Series 3 - Griffiths Park

Griffiths Park
21 June, 2020
9:00am- 4:30pm
Discipline(s): Slalom
Type of Event: Competition
Level of Event: State