Paddle SA is committed to providing opportunity for the inclusion of people of all abilities in recreation and sport paddling.

There are two pathways for inclusion paddling provided by Paddle SA:
Paddleability is the name of the inclusive program for people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities who want to have fun and go paddling for recreation.
Paracanoe is the Paralympic discipline and is the inclusion program for people who want to race in the sport of sprint racing.
PARACANOE – go fast on water
Paracanoe is the inclusive program for people who want to be involved in the sport of Sprint Kayak Racing. Races are held over the distance of 200m in a Sprint Regatta. Paddle SA works in partnership with Wheelchair Sports SA and the Australian Paralympic Committee to assist paddlers to achieve their best.

Not satisfied until you reach the top? Be the best in the world! For the first time, in 2016, para-canoe Sprint races will be included in the Rio Paralympic Games and you can start targeting the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games now!

Go fast on water – Paddle SA provides coaching and works with athletes to be the best they can.
If you are driven to be the best and are love to train hard to get there, paracanoe can unleash your talent.
We are looking for people who are prepared to commit to a training schedule (both on the water and in the gym)
For more information about Paracanoe Talent Search, please contact Paddle SA on (08) 8240 3294 or email

PADDLEABILITY and Recreational Inclusive Canoeing

Paddle SA will work with community groups to provide opportunities for people with all abilities to have an introduction to paddling.
Paddle SA provides a number of programs for inclusive recreational paddling that are outlined below:

Paddle SA partners with Wheelchair Sports SA to provide recreational canoeing activities for people with a mobility impairment. The program is called Recreational Inclusive Canoeing (RIC).

Paddle SA Team Paddle Challenge provides an opportunity for your group (whatever their abilities) to compete in a weekend of canoeing and orienteering on the Murray River.

To obtain more information about Paddleability or Recreational Inclusive Canoeing, phone Paddle SA on (08) 8240 3294 or email

Paracanoe Classifications:

Legs, trunks and arms (LTA) – paddlers with a disability that have functional use of their legs, trunks and arms for paddling and can apply force to the footboard or seat to propel the boat

Trunks and arms (TA) – paddlers who have functional use of the trunk and arms – unable to applu continuous and controlled force to the footboard or seat to propell the boat due to significantly weakened function of the lower limbs

Arms only (A) – For paddlers who have no trunk function (ie: shoulder function only) An A class paddler is able to apply force predominantly using the arms and/or shoulders.


You may have enjoyed paddleability and now want to go further and faster, and maybe one day stand on a podium after competing in a paracanoeing event. Starting from stable craft you can progress through to your competition goals. Coaching, training, you will get out what you put in. Your local canoe club would be eager to hear from you. Paddle SA can provide you with information and practical assistance to reach your goal.

The rest is up to you! Email for more information and dates of Come and Try’s, Testing days and Talent Search opportunities

Visit to view the Paddling Australia Paracanoe Information page.