Kayaking and canoeing safety

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Getting back in boats during an ”All-In” rescue exercise.

It is important to consider safety before and during the use of a kayak, canoe or a similar unpowered vessel. Be mindful of how the craft is susceptible to weather and other risks such as capsizing, blowing off course, taking on water and not being visible to faster larger boats.

As the paddler you are responsible for your safety and the safety of any other people in your canoe/kayak. If you are paddling with a group be aware of how everyone is paddling to make sure they are not in any stress or dangerous situation.

Before going out on your paddle you should always check safety equipment is in order and take provisions such as water, snacks, sunscreen, phone and let friends and family not with you your location and time you intend to return. Also knowing the weather and how it will affect your paddle is important.

A Paddle Safe DVD is available from:

The Boating Safety Unit
13 Kateena Street
Regency Park
Phone: 1300 183 046

The information below will help you stay safe.

Planning to Paddle.

basic skills group recreationTake a Paddle SA on-water Course. The on-water instruction courses provide the information you need for canoeing, kayaking,  safety & rescue. Courses are run at Aquatic Reserve Bower Rd West Lakes SA. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the next courses.

Wear Your Lifejacket (PFD) – Expect to capsize and swim occasionally when paddling. Learn more about PFDs and how they might just save your life.

Rules of the water – What paddlers need to know when sharing the waterways

Safety Check – Create a list you need to do before and during your paddles.

Safety information

Weather – Check the weather and tide information with the Bureau of Meteorology or call 8366 2600 for further information.
Water Quality – Read our page on Water Quality especially in locations that have drains from suburban streets.
Boating safety – Take a look at the SA government web page about Canoe/Kayak safety in waterways

Location information
Desalination plant exclusion zone

Paddle SA course calendar