ACAS Education Pathway

Australian Canoeing Award Scheme Flowchart.


Australian Canoeing Award Scheme Courses.

Course Calendar - SA

Canoe South Australia ACAS Course Calendar.

School Programs

SACE, Canoe SA Team Paddle Challenge, Canoe Polo Schools Program, Holiday Programs, Basic Skills, Active8 & Paddleability for Students.

Resources for Leaders

Float Plan, Logbook, Sit on Top - Paddling Guide, Hanmer Report, AC Downloads, SSABSA (Yr 12 PE) Kayaking Notes, Teaching Skills to Novice Paddling & Other Downloads.

Guide for Registration of ACAS Awards

Documents to be presented to the Assessor, Prior to Assessment, On the Day of Assessment, Registering an Award, Documents to be included when Registering an Award, Documents to be included when Re-Registering an Award, Assessment of Awards.

Scouts' Statements of Attainment

Australian Canoeing in partnership with Scouts Australia: Statements of Attainment Information, RPL Enrolment Form, Consent Form & Information Guide.


Australian Canoeing Award Scheme - Education frequently asked questions.