Programs for Schools

Canoe SA offers a variety of programs for schools and their students. Choose from the programs below.

To discuss the options for a learning experience for students, please contact Canoe SA (

SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education)

Year 12 and 11 Kayaking Courses

Maximum group size – 24 students


A weekend of orienteering and paddling on the River Murray (above Lock 1) and in the backwaters. This weekend activity will be a special learning opportunity for your students. They will learn to work as a team, they will learn that each member of a group has something to contribute to the team, be it the person who can make a quick decision under pressure, or the best navigator in the group, or the person who is best at motivating others. They will be paddling in one of the most beautiful parts of the lower Murray and will see a lot of wildlife including birds and maybe a turtle.

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The fast and exciting sport of canoe polo can be the starting point for your students to extend their ability.

Canoe Polo can be played on any flatwater, indoor pool or outdoor lake. (such as West Lakes, Patawalonga or Mawson Lakes) contact Canoe SA for further details (

Students will learn paddling and ball skills, balance, edging and boat control, teamwork, game strategy and have a lot of fun getting wet.

Maximum size of group applies. Cost of program may vary.


Canoe SA offers programs for school students in term breaks

Full-day and half-day paddling activities for your school groups (maximum size may apply)  at West Lakes or a suitable venue close to your school.

Expedition programs of 2 or more days also available.


Basic Skills Courses for students – please contact the Canoe SA Office (


Canoe SA is a registered Acitive8 provider. We can tailor a program for the needs of your students. Contact Canoe SA ( to discuss your students learning requirements.

Paddleability for students

Students with a disability may be eligible to join Canoe SA programs. On the water,there are no boundaries. Contact Canoe SA ( to discuss opportunities for students to join a local canoe club and get involved.